Featured projects from the Edison Factory Team.
Strang Hall logo

Founded 2018

Strang Chef Collectives

Local Chefs crafting extraordinary food from around the world. Every location captures unique chef-driven concepts that you can’t find anywhere else in town accompanied by a showcase bar.

Edison District Logo

Founded 2018

Edison District

More than infill. A community-focused mixed-use space that contributes to the historic fabric of a walkable downtown district. Includes 100,000 sf of office space and over 10,000 sf of retail space across two buildings.

Edison Spaces logo

Founded 2016

Edison Spaces

Modern offices without the hassle. Transparent, all-inclusive real estate as a service for entrepreneurs and teams in communities where they live. Larger offices, better amenities, and more flexibility.

Quote Factory logo

Founded 2020

Quote Factory

Independent freight brokers have been stuck with pieced-together processes and inadequate tools. We’re building a complete platform. Our team changed the freight industry once, and we are doing it again.