Founded by investor and entrepreneur, Tim Barton, Edison Factory is a family office that has started its own private companies and is an investor in various other private companies and venture/private equity funds.

Portfolio Highlights

Strang Chef Collectives

Founded 2018

Local Chefs crafting extraordinary food from around the world. Every location captures unique chef-driven concepts accompanied by a showcase bar.

Edison District Logo

Edison District

Founded 2018

More than infill. A community-focused mixed-use space that contributes to the historic fabric of a walkable downtown district.

Edison Spaces logo

Edison Spaces

Founded 2016

Modern offices without the hassle. Transparent, all-inclusive real estate as a service for entrepreneurs and teams in communities where they live.

freight broker

Quote Factory

Founded 2020

Building for brokers. A complete platform for independent freight brokers to eliminate pieced-together processes and inadequate tools.


With each concept, Edison Factory focuses on solving problems and creating lean startups. We identify the problem, and then discuss the business opportunity and if there is a market for the business we start.

“It starts generally with a frustration, something that I or one of us on the team find to be a stupid situation, a hassle, a problem.”

Tim Barton

Leadership Team

Tim Barton, Founder

Tim Barton is the founder and former chairman of Freightquote, which he launched in 1998 and built into the largest online freight brokerage before it was acquired by a Fortune 200 company in 2015. Today he continues as a founder, investor, and entrepreneur, leading the team at Edison Factory and splitting time between Austin and Kansas City.

Andy Smith

Director of Finance

Heather Venable

Vice President,

Jessica Winter

Vice President,
Property Management